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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  September 17, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> corporal keep us informed how far you are and see new seven days. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> thanks for being with us tonight. see you tomorrow night at 7 p.m. eastern. good night from new york. >> the o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> by almost every measure the american economy and american workers are better off than when i took office. >> that statement is false. according to brand new census department economic figures your money is the most important issue in america today. we will have no spin analysis. >> long-term psychological scar from hitting children. >> in the wake of an nfl star for being benched for hitting 4-year-old son a national debated on spanking is underway. we will give the latest polling. >> we made a mistake and we needed to get this right. >> and dennis miller on the minnesota vikings being
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embarrassed and the entire nfl in an uproar over domestic abuse charges. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the familiar tore begins right now ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. your money, your life. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. while the nation's attention is rightly focused on the isis terror threat, a more important issue for all americans is the economy. and now there is new data from the census bureau. a couple weeks ago speaking in milwaukee in a labor day bash president obama said this. >> i just want everybody to understand. because you wouldn't always know it from watching the news. by almost every measure, the american economy, and
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american workers are better off than when i took office. [cheers] >> we are better off by almost every measure. >> that turns out not to be true. let's begin with the most important economic statistic wages. the median household income in the u.s.a. last year was about $52,000 pretty much what it was in 2012. however, over othe past six years, median income in america has fallen 8%. under president obama. and it's worse for households led by people under the age of 65. this is important. from 2000 to 2013, their income has dropped more than 11%. that's brutal because as everybody knows prices have gone up big time on almost everything. so the end result is that the american middle class continues to get hammered and president obama's rosy outlook simply has not materialized. on the subject of poverty, it went down slightly last year.
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the 14.5% poverty rate is above the rate when president obama took offers. 2rbgs 13, slightly more than 9 million families lived in poverty slight increase. about stagnant. when president obama began his term. so there has been no improvement in poverty. but there is this from the heritage foundation. this is interesting. one third of the u.s. population is receiving aid from at least one welfare program. there are 800 so-called means tested welfare programs currently available to low income folks. in some states people on welfare receive more than $40,000 a year in services. that means the poor have purchasing power and 75% of them have a car or a truck. 92% a microwave oven, 67% cable or satellite tv. 50% have a personal computer. 43% internet access. 40% a wide screen plasma tv and more than 50% of poor
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families with children have video game systems like x box or playstation. so while it's not pleasant to be poor, americans are not destitute. the major reason the economy is not improving is that business continues to keep the payroll down. there are more people seeking jobs than jobs available. president obama does not seem to understand that the private marketplace drives wages. the more jobs created, the higher salaries will be because companies need good workers. for example, if cnn wants to hire a fox news person, they have to pay that fox news person more money to go over there. that has failed no matter how the president spins it it that's the memo. reaction with us in the studio, fox business network reporter and co-host of outnumber seen at noon on
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fnc sandra smith. >> the spin might stop here, bill. the spin did not stop with the president's comments there by almost every metric this economy is better off today than when he entered office? the american people beg to differ with that 50% of americans still believe we are in a recession today and by every metric this economy is better off now than it was in 2009. why is the president still receiving record low ratings on the economy, bill? >> that could be emotional, bill. the president has stats that he points to that there is job growth oven employment rate coming down a little bit. i have created more new jobs. >> 10 million he says. 10 million? 7.5 million of them are part time jobs, bill. more americans are workipaychecn they were before his
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presidency. >> lauren, do you agree with me the true indicator of the economy he is how much the american people are earning. that's my -- >> -- absolutely. >> that's my yardstick. >> that's your personal income. that's your livelihood. the more you make, the more you spend. consumer spending drives the economi' 0% of economic growth. the problem right now for business and regular consumers no one has the confidence to spend. get reports for instance labor day weekend we all took vacations. that was pentagon up demand. we couldn't afford the vacations we were taking we just wanted to go away to enjoy the summer. >> more people getting into debt. look at gasoline, look how expensive that is. >> up over this presidency it's like triple. here is what -- i'm not an economic obviously you guys know that i'm not an economic genius. i know enough to say if it isn't work after six years, maybe you try something else? guess what they are going to tout is working especially from the left they are going to be touting as the president already has been
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the record breaking stock market. we have seen record. >> 20% of people own 80% of stock. who is investing in the stock market? >> that's only benefiting the rich right now. >> more benefits than ever. >> terror attack that goes down 30 points in 60 seconds. >> what good is the record breaking stock market if the average american isn't vesting. >> here is my question. he is not changing. i would cut the corporate income tax. >> no. is he making it more. >> i would cut it down. highest corporate income tax in the world all right. we need more jobs. get more cash into the businesses so they will hire more people to expand. now maybe they won't. maybe they will hoard it it but at least you give it a try. benefit all of us, put people back to work. right now businesses tell us
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every single day they are going overseas because they have a fiduciary duty to pay their workers. >> tax rates. they are taking american profits and they are parking them overseas. they make them overseas. they keep them over there they don't bring them back and expand. again, do you think it's personal with president obama he is just too stubborn to change, lauren? do you think is he too stubborn to change? >> i don't think he is he a capitalist. i don't think he understands real economics in many ways. when you look at the price of everything and you mentioned this in your talking points. the average american will get a bump this year in pay. ''%. guess what inflation is? the cost of living? it's gone up around 2%. so if you are making a little bit more. >> mind you during the recession when all your colleagues lost their jobs and you might have gotten their job but no increase in your pay, you are doing two jobs now. you finally get a increase and healthcare costs? >> healthcare costs are going up. mine tripled. >> did you try grilling this summer? >> might worth dying for me
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it's a lot of money that my healthcare has gone up. >> very good point. healthcare costs that's another reason why businesses aren't hiring. >> right. they don't want to pay the healthcare for 40 hour a week. >> they are paying workers in cash. >> cash? >> this is becoming more of a cash economy. workers stay off the books and for the company and those workers get the cash under the table they keep their benefits. their welfare benefits. >> glenn beck wanted to be paid in gold. little bit of a problem but we worked it out. ladies, thank you very much. >> thank you. >> while the obama administration says it wants to destroy isis. some americans say that's not possible. we will hear that point of view. later, miller on chaos within the national football league. the former monday night football commentator has some strong things to say this evening. factor is coming right back. america's newest real estate brand is all ready the brand of the year.
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in the impact segment tonight. the he obama administration and the isis terror group. today the president and the secretary of state said. this. >> as your commander and chief, i will not commit you and the rest of our armed forces to fighting another ground war in iraq. >> isil must be defeated. period. end of story. and collectively, we are all going to be measured by how we carry out this mission. >> but some believe it is not possible to fully defeat isis or islamic terrorism in general. jong us now from washington, president of the foundation middle east peace. you are one of those that don't think we can defeat isis totally, is that correct. >> the problem here is the distance the space between the rhetoric and the policy first of all. i think let's look at al qaeda and iraq. al qaeda and iraq was not defeated. we know that we see that proved now by the fact that
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unable to generate and reconstitute itself. it was on the ropes. it was degraded significantly. but what wasn't done was we didn't have a broader political strategy to address the grievances and the factors that drew people to that group. and they were able to use both the situation in iraq where you had a very angry and disenfranchised sunni minority and the situation in neighboring syria to pull itself back together and develop to what we now see is the threat of isis. >> you can never defeat anything totally the ku klux klan, for example, the fbi broke its back in america. there are still chance men running around. they are not a significant factor anymore. we managed to defeat them. in the isis situation. you heard john kerry say this is the measure by which the obama administration is going to be judged. >> yeah. >> now, i tend to agree with you that you can't kill everybody. and that there are going to be little cells here and there. al qaeda certainly been damaged by both president bush and president obama. >> um. >>um certainly degrading.
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you would agree with that right? >> i would agree with that yes. >> so what has happened is that these fanatics in al qaeda made an off chute group, isis. they suddenly surged and took over all this territory and now they are saying we have an islamic state. to me, they are a ripe target. a ripe target for defeat. not annihilation. but defeat. am i wrong? >> i think the fact that they have taken and are now holding territory you are correct. this does open them up to attack more than any kind of terrorist group which would hide in the shadows or among the civilian population. again, to return to what i said, i think let's go back to right after 9/11 and remember one of the things that the bush administration said that i actually agree withed in the wake of 9/11 was there analysis the regimes in the region, the fact that many of these governments, some of whom are partners continuing today are seen as illegitimate.
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they are unresponsive to their own people. unaccountable and undemocratic. this was very important factor contributing to extremism and terrorism. my point here would be we need to see a much broader political strategy. if anything, i think the policy that we have seen articulated by the administration over the past several weeks puts too much emphasis on the military side. we need a much broader political element to that strategy. >> almost pie in the sky. you have a syrian situation that is just chaotic and out-of-control. you are dealing with nations that like pakistan that simply won't do the right thing. but i agree with you, that you can't annihilate every single jihadist and they are going to reconstitute. like the drug cartels you knock one down. here comes another one. but you can't hold back your defense of america because you can't get them all. all right. that's what i'm trying to say that president obama, he is selling a bill of goods like the syrian free moderate people are somehow going to defeat isis. both you and i know that's never going to happen. why doesn't the president
5:17 pm
just tell the truth? >> i would agree with you, in a sense his rhetoric is writing checks that the policy can't cash. i would agree with you that we need to see. you know, i think the american people can deal with a bit of a more honest conversation about the. >> in our lifetime eradicate islamic fundamentalists. as long as the out there. as long as these people don't have anything, they are going to go and they are going to hate america, the infidels. he we are never going to get them all but we can certainly punish those who behead american citizens. mr. duss, thank you very much. directly ahead, what about the antiwar crew who would let isis run wild? we'll find out about them. then, spanking your children is now a national debate. we will tell you what most americans think about that. upcoming. slow-roasted turkey, the zesty cranberry mostarda, the freshly baked flatbread paired perfectly with our autumn squash soup. a delicious meal made just for you only at panera bread.
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while the u.s. is stepping up air attacks against isis in iraq and soon bomb that terror group in syria. a number of americans still oppose any military action. with us now in new york alan colmes and from baltimore former congressman dennis kucinich, both are fox news analysts. mr. kucinich, we begin with you. do you believe that isis should be destroyed? >> well, i think we have to cut off their funds cut off their source of arms. we have to look at the money to saudi arabia sent, cut tar sent. we need to put saxes on any country that would fund isis. >> well, i agree with all of that. i like all of that. i don't know how easy that's going to be to stop the saudis and the people in qatar from funding these people. i don't know if that's possible but i'm not opposed to it however, in the interim, you have these people threatening the whole country of iraq, beheading
5:22 pm
americans, creating chaos throughout the middle east and and threatening to come over to america and kill as many americans as they can. is it enough to cut off their funding and that's going to take a while. >> well, don't give them access to arms. you remember,. >> don't give them access to more arms? i'm not sure how you stop that. >> he will with, you stop it by having the united states stop sending arms into syria for so-called congress. >> we haven't september any yet. congress just approved that today. >> bill, the cia would admit that the united states has already sent arms into syria. >> don't fund the moderates. you are he opposing obama's policy there. >> there are no moderates. >> i don't know if that's going to stop the isis expansion. all right. colmes, here. >> cut off their. >> i will get back to you, den, in same question. >> dennis is exactly right. cut off the funding. >> should isis be destroyed?
5:23 pm
>> no. >> no? they are not going to be destroyed by the united states. >> and they shouldn't be? >> it's not shouldn't. they can't be. >> can't be? >> as you pointed out in the last segment, we are not going to destroy isis. that's a false promise by the administration. we could contain them but it's not our role. >> explain containing isis. what does that mean? just like you talked about the kkk. there are crazy actors out there. can we go in there and totally destroy them? no. we are not going to end terror. >> would you allow isis to keep what it now has which is much of iraq and much of syria? >> militarily, i would not be involved. >> you wouldn't do anything to them? >> it is not our job militarily to do it. >> even when they are murdering american citizens? >> they are murdering american citizens who are already over there. >> he they're still american citizens. >> not a threat to the homeland of the united states. you don't start a war because they may be taking bad actions. you stop the funding. you work maybe with the united nations. >> united nations? >> yes. >> and what are he they going to do. >> you don't do it. >> what are the united
5:24 pm
nations going to do. >> you work with the security council to condemn them. >> to do what? >> work with u.n. forces if you can. >> you just said you -- >> -- you don't do it with the united states. >> so right now if y president, isis wouldn't be in any danger from bombing or from ground troops? >> absolutely not bomb ground troops. not our role to be doing that. >> are you that extreme, mr. kucinich? so, if colmes were president, isis wouldn't have to worry about any kind of bombing the people on the mountain in kurdistan, they would have been all wiped out and dead. the kurds might even have lost and their country overrun because colmes wouldn't intervene militarily and the only thing save them is u.s. bombing. are you on the same page as alan? >> listen, i'm not extreme and neither is alan. >> same thing as alan. we are not going it take any military action against them? >>. no i'm mainstream. you have to remember, bill. that terrorists, the so-called war on terror created more terrorists. when we bombed iraq, when we
5:25 pm
invaded, when we did it to libya. when we sent and funded jihadis in syria, we created more terrorists. we bombed them. >> that's in the past now. that's in the past. now we're in the present. >> well, they are still around. >> colmes would not have intervened and the kurds mirt have been overrun and irbeal might have been under control of isis. a lot of americans in there because we have a lot of people in there colmes would not have intervened militarily. i'm asking you for the third time, dennis. woulddo you agree with alan woud you have not intervened in that situation. >> no. it's none of our business. not america's business to be the policemen of the world, bill. america has to take care of things at home. >> you, colmes, would have given the kurds say look, took place too bad. i'm sorry. but you are going to have to die and these people would expand their -- >> -- yes, yes that's what you just said. >> no i didn't say that. >> you said you wouldn't military action against them and that's the only thing that saved the kurds. >> we have to quit funding
5:26 pm
these terrorists. >> all right. okay. now we are in the valley of theory. >> what america does is put the money into iraq. and put the money into libya. put the money into syria. take care of things here at home, bill, that's what you said at the start of your show, take care of america's economy. >> do the best can i trying to get clarity from you guys. i think i got it this evening. colmes, dennis, thank you. plenty more ahead. governor perry of texas says isis may be trying to cross the southern border into the u.s.a. is there anything to back that up? our truth serum segment has the answer. miller on why the national football league is in so much trouble. we hope you stay tuned to those reports.
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truth serum segment tonight. isis in mexico. here is what texas governor rick perry said. >> is there a concern that isis may be coming to the southern border and into the united states? >> there is the obvious great concern that the cause of the chief correspondent jonathan of the border that individuals from isis or other terrorist states could be and i think is a very real possibility that they may have already used that. >> joining us now to analyze fox news ace reporters molly line and eric shawn. all right, sean, begin with you. anything to back that up? he thinks possibility, got any data? >> well, one would think, bill, that this ised in the works. the obama administration says right now, quote:
5:31 pm
there is no credible intelligence that isis has an active plot against the united states by moving terrorists through the southern border. >> so why is governor perry convinced they may already be here? >> there has been the concern because they have already done that other islamic jihad groups have done that somali groups. in fact, two years ago janet napolitano when she was the homeland security head, she said that terrorist groups do this from, quote: time to time. so we have seen it before. hezbollah, one of the top hezbollah financiers was convicted, lived in deer born, michigan. you know how they got him in threw him in the trunk of tijuana. >> is that right? there have been in the past terror groups that have come across the southern border illegally and then they have been caught and dealt with? >> yeah. >> and nothing with isis? we don't have any fbi warnings or be on the lookout for these people. >> not specifically. we vsks heightened warnings because of the social media now threatening to try and telling grown people to have
5:32 pm
pipe bombs in times square. pipe bombs in las vegas. bill, they don't have have to speak under go to that fence go to airplane. legitimate i have is a and passports. >> 500 brits and americans. >> the southern border is so porous at this point, particularly in texas that's not a bad way to get across if they are working with other people to take them across. they can bring in things. >> absolutely. >> can't bring in anything on the airplane. >> and also the northern border. >> canada? >> the mastermind of the 2000 plot to blow up the los angeles airport came on a car ferry. >> notorious northeast group abu was picked up as he tried to sneak effort u.s. border from canada. do you know when i broke that story? march 4th, 1996. this has been here for 20 years. >> bottom line is we don't have any credible evidence that isis is here or even trying. obviously with the
5:33 pm
situation. >> isis sympathizers no one has snuck in yet. >> all right, here is the deal with you. tavis smiley, you know him? he is on pbs or something like that. senator guy. and just written a book. to promote the book he is saying stuff like this. go. >> the data is going to indicate. i have said this before and i'm not happy about this. i don't celebrate. this i don't say it as a way of demonizing the president or casting aspersion on him. but the data is going to indicate as you and i have already discussed that black people lost ground in every single leading economic category during the obama years. >> and that goes back to the talking points memo on basically the census bureau saying wages are stagnant. how does smiley back that up is what he is saying true? >> well, there is a pretty small vein of truth in all of this in what he is saying. not 100% true mostly because of the way he phrased it spoken absolutes. lost ground in every single
5:34 pm
leading economic factor. when you talk about that. there might have been something in there improvement here and there economic data. really rough road in the last five years or so forth african-american population all across america a lot of different sectors median household income talking nant gone up by $380 million. >> what is it for african-americans. >> $34,598. that compares to as you mentioned in the show. >> a 5,000 for. >> everybody right across america. unemployment rate dropped by less than 2%. remains at 11.4% unemployment. that's nearly double the rate for whites. however,. >> triple foration americans. >> that's kind of been the typical numbers that we have seen for african-americans white population since the number has been tracked. right. >> a number that kind of says a lot about the situation right now. the labor participation rate has dropped in the last five years. the poverty rate. there are more living in poverty and home ownership rates are also down by 4%. >> smiley pretty much what he is saying is true?
5:35 pm
>> overall, a lot of truth to what he is saying there is a bright spot. one bright spot that we have found. african-americans have healthcare coverage. the number of uninsured dropped by 3%. >> because of obamacare. thank you both. we appreciate it when when we come right back, it will be miller time, the nfl chaos and the new miss america. miller is next. i'm m-a-r-y and i have copd. i'm j-e-f-f and i have copd. i'm l-i-s-a and i have copd, but i don't want my breathing problems to get in the way of hosting my book club. that's why i asked my doctor about b-r-e-o. once-daily breo ellipta helps increase airflow from the lungs for a full 24 hours. and breo helps reduce symptom flare-ups that last several days and require oral steroids, antibiotics, or hospital stay. breo is not for asthma. breo contains a type of medicine that increases risk of death in people with asthma. it is not known if this risk is increased in copd.
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thanks for staying with us i'm bill o'reilly in the miller acceptingment tent: so, miller, at first the minnesota vikings suspended running back adrian peterson for allegedly beating his 4-year-old son with a tree branch. then they reinstated him. now they have suspended him again. >> we made a mistake. and we needed to get this right. adrian will be be away from the team and focused on his personal situation. >> what say you? >> well, billy, the nfl exists for one reason, to make money. listen, these guys are all jacked up and a guy who hits his kid like that, and a guy who hits his wife like that they have got to pay the piper. that's just individuals screwing up.
5:40 pm
indeed i have read some rates a littlely about crime in the nfl versus crime in the general community. it seems like the percentage is less. they are individuals that have to be dealt with the nfl is trying to be in the feel good business and they are strictly a money machine. i put a lot of on goodell. all this stuff where you get a guy so hamstrung is he coming on saying we have got to get this right after he is on thinks third perm stations if you permutations if you will. queen, english system. queen and prime minister. goodell should show up at the draft, overhug people. cut ribbons, you know, give out the hall of fame stuff and stay out of the way then you need a prime minister. this should be a law enforcement guy who is just a tough nut and he doesn't even understand football. he is just there to police the thing. and he should be the prime minister. goodell is trying to do both those jobs and he is wearing
5:41 pm
too many hats, too many helmets in this instance. you know what? it's interesting to me, bill, that these two things conflated in america. i think goodell is like baracoroger let's face fact. wasn't going to go to the mat until there were two videos of the deat that point takings. i didn't believe it goodell wasn't going to go to the mat. they given this guy 10 seconds until they found the interior 10 second video of what went on in that elevator. everybody knows what went on in that elevator. he punched her. there wasn't time to do anything else. they both got cut out. a picture is worth a thousand words. >> that's right. where do you come down? because i want to remind everybody miller did monday night football commentary that's the biggest sports show in the world. now people want no tolerance you abuse a woman or a child and you are gone forever and then we have idiot fans dressing up likeed in the
5:42 pm
uniforms. the alleged switch peterson used on 4-year-old. how crazy is this? where do you stand on punishment to these people? >> well, first off, billy. slead a moron. people are morons. you get that right? >> yes, i do. i have been doing this 35 years. it's not everybody is a moron but there is plenty of them around. >> well, listen, i wouldn't be surprised they replace the eagle on top of the flag pole with that moron and the antlers over there. people are morons. where do i stand on this? if i owned an nfl team, if i was ziggy, i would have come out the first day and you know who was right on top of this was chris rousseau. he would be a good interview. imagine dog guy. you own the team come out and say i pay. i understand we live in a weird world. you are not going to
5:43 pm
represent me. i own the team. sit down until you figure this out. that's what they should do. these individuals owners should do that who is figuring out -- who is it something down going okay we need the running back. the guy hits his kid or hits a woman to this degree you sit him down and say i will pay you, but figure out before you wear my uniform you are embarrassing me. >> i think that's coming. much slight lighter. third year in a row miss new york state has become miss america. let's take a look. ♪ clap along ♪ if you feel like a room without a roof ♪ clap along ♪ if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ >> all right. that was pretty swell. was it not? >> she is miss america. you want to go back to the moronic thing from around two minutes ago? here is the only surprise i had that miss america -- miss new york is allowed to use a 32-ounce cup. i didn't believe bloomberg wasn't in raining on that parade.
5:44 pm
>> you are talking about a drinking cup, right, miller? >> here is why she won, a different cup. the cups that matter. not the solo cup. these two cups is the reason she won the event. and you know something? i think that's a perfect talent for america as it's currently constituted. sitting on the floor banging on a plastic beer cup. that is so america that i'm not surprised she won. >> you know, i think this is just a harmless conversion. >> there is america right there, billy. solo cup. >> you and i are going to be out in the street pretty soon with cups i nope you know that our days are numbered. seems like a nice woman. >> she is beautiful. she is a genius. the best personal who ever lived. if i was sitting out on the street with a cup, i would make more than i'm making here at the factor. >> oh, you would not, miller. are you kidding me? we give you free snacks. >> billy? >> all right, miller and i
5:45 pm
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5:49 pm
statistics and studies that confirm there are long-term psychological emotional scars from hitting children. >> i'm from the south, whipping is -- we do that all the time. every black parent in the south is going to be in jail under those circumstances. we spank kids in the south. i think the question about that adrian peterson go overboard? >> with us now fox news anchor martha maccallum. there is a poll on spanking children, correct? >> there is. >> it came from? >> well, it's been done by pediatrics and a number of different polls and studies that she talked about have been done over the years. basically it shows that most people agree that spanking is okay. that some form of corporal punishment used for discipline is okay. 71% of whites in this country believe that it's okay. only 27% believe it's not. 82%, the number is a little bit higher among blacks and 15% believe that it is not good. but i don't believe we are talking about the adrian peterson case when we are asking this question of american citizens. we're not talking about
5:50 pm
someone who has been indicted on child abuse charges and whose child was identified by a doctor as having lacerations on his hands, his begs and his back. so that's the difference. >> you go. you can't beat a child in this country or you will be charged in this country or you'll be charged with a crime. taken a stick, which is akin to a whip off a tree and whipping it like this. >> that's abuse. >> all right. so the topic of spanking, all right, but like in the northeast i don't know anybody who really spanks their children anymore. i don't. >> it's about 65% think that you should be allowed to reprimand by spanking. but it doesn't mean that many people are doing it. in the northeast the numbers are the lowest in approval of this practice. in the south they're higher. in the midwest they're a little bit higher as well. the west is closer to the northeast in this. but what i think we need to clarify is what we're talking about here. and the studies that have been done this woman pointed out on
5:51 pm
the way in prove children subjected to this kind of behavior it doesn't work. if you're trying to discipline your child and we've talked to people who say this is an appropriate way to discipline a child, but you end up teaching a child that feels it's the right way. >> i think parents should be skilled enough to find a way to stop the child from doing misbehavior. the same thing in school. there are a lot of public schools that do allow -- >> there's only about 19 schools in the country that actually say they practice it. it is legal in this country. but i think what you're seeing -- >> in schools. public schools. >> it's -- >> you'd get sued. >> absolutely. people feel parents should be free to discipline as they see fit. >> now, part of the spanking, yelling, whatever it may be is to get the kids' attention.
5:52 pm
all right. to get a sense of urgency that, look, if you're going to put your hand on the stove, you're going to get hurt. and if you keep doing it even though i tell you as your parent not to, i'm going to give you a whack. or i'm going to yell at you or punish you or whatever. it's to get their attention rather than to inflict pain on them. that's what peterson and the people like him and it's child abuse all over the place. it's a horrible plague. same thing with domestic violence. the difference is if you inflict pain on the child, that should be a crime. but to get their attention i don't think -- >> put their hand on the stove, they're going to learn a lesson. they're going to burn their hand. >> but running into the street. how about running into the street? wait -- peterson is going to be -- they'll take care of peterson. but how about a child that runs in the street? say, look, you can't run in the street because you'll be dead if the car hits you and the kid still runs in the street. you've got to get the child's
5:53 pm
attention. >> by hitting them? >> no. i didn't say that. the people who spank -- i'm not going to condemn americans tonight who have spanked their children gently or lightly. i'm not going to do that here on "the factor." i don't think that's right. because each child is different. and if you're trying to protect your child from something, and you give them a little whack when they're younger and they remember that whack because it startles them, that might accomplish it. last word. >> you take things away from them. take away the things they like. >> the phone. >> that's what is effective. it is not effective to hit a child. and that has become clear over centuries. >> you take the phone away, get charged with phone abuse. somebody from verizon comes and kicks in your door. hey, i didn't hit that phone. put it in the pillow so nobody could find it. all right, martha. "the factor" tip of the day, correspondent, doing a good deed. i will tell you what it is when we come back. s holly.
5:54 pm
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"the factor" tip of the day, the good deed i will be doing in a moment. but first, big advanced sales for "killing patton." initial first printing about 1 million copies. you can get -- a wise move if you become a premium member. you will get "killing patton" free and first. here's the deal tonight, we have posted the first few pages of "killing patton" on the website. you'll get a feel for the book. i don't want you to buy it if you don't think you're going to like it. but i know you'll like it. now the mail, william, seattle, colonel hunt sets a proper strategy and you, bill, ask him how it can be implements. that's the difference between you and a military hero.
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bet this won't make the air. well you lose, william, i did my job. theory walks. we want to know how it can happen. george, new jersey, bill, your suggestion to deploy assassination teams against the jihadists sounds just like the operation phoenix program in vietnam. it was very effective. students of the vietnam war know that the phoenix program broke the back of the viet kong, george. they were never the same after that. joe, bill, how can we have troops in iraq without a status of forces agreement? one magically appeared, joe. once they got in trouble it magically appeared. we have about 2,000 folks on the ground there now with more coming. north canton, ohio. i'm in anguish over your treatment of father brisotti. you were a complete pinhead. maybe he didn't make his point, but you should have allowed him to gather his thoughts. i don't have a lot of time for
5:58 pm
gathering here. this is a fast-paced show. the father knew the topic. he should have been better prepared. north carolina, bill, you should have asked the priest what the vatican would do if isis attacked it. the swiss guards would defend vatican city, eugene, that's why they're there. bill, do you want the benghazi investigation to go somewhere proves you are biased against president obama. nonsense, jim. i want a resolution one way or the other. i just want to know the truth. and that's what you and every other american should want. and finally tonight, "the factor" tip of the day, part of my life philosophy is that because i'm pretty much the luckiest person in the world, there was a million to one shot that i'd ever be successful at anything. so i have to give back. on tuesday september 30th, last day of the month, i'll be speaking at a benefit for st. francis hospital on long island. st. francis one of the best hospitals in the country. it's a nonprofit.
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means. thanks for watching us tonight. ms. megyn is next. i am bill o'reilly. please always remember the spin stops here. we're definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight in a "the kelly file" exclusive, a top congressman on the homeland security committee saying that four known terrorists from the middle east were allegedly caught sneaking across our southern border into the united states one day before 9/11. we will have that exclusive for moment. but first -- also breaking tonight. after weeks of pledging no troops on the ground in the fight against the world's most dangerous terror group, there are clear signs the obama administration is reversing course contrary to its denials that it is.


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